Thursday, August 25, 2011

Long time, long time... long time gone.

Ok, so it seems I have been rather uninspired over the last year but I have also been extremely busy. That being said, my creative writing has taken a hiatus and the only writing I've done has been out of necessity. This is for the sole reason that I only had time to write if it was a necessity (i.e. papers for school). So, I'm back but not exactly writing in the same capacity. What I'm going to be posting from now on will still be based on inspiration, but it will be more about what inspires me rather than the product of inspiration. You follow?

The past year has been filled with working like a maniac, followed by continuing to work like a maniac while going to school full time and then the usual working interspersed with mountain bike racing and the training required for that. While I can say I would have liked to have trained more or with more purpose, the season wasn't a flop. I managed to do well for having taken a lot of time off over the past two years. I feel as though I am back in such a way that I am comfortable and less stressed about the whole racing process. I take myself less seriously, and when I find myself getting the urge to stress, I somehow manage my thoughts so that I can find the fun in it all again.

Before the race season even began, I got my eating habits partially under control and lost the weight that I needed to in a safe way. I did it with good old fashioned calorie counting. That's right... energy in = energy out. Now I just have to fight off the urge to binge on corn chips...